Graduation Celebrations!

Lucky me, I got to attend the graduation ceremonies for my Masters course at the University of Leicester this past weekend. I graduated with a Masters in Museum Studies 'with Distinction', alongside the rest of my classmates from around the world. One of those classmates happens to be from the same city as me, so … Continue reading Graduation Celebrations!


South West England: Hope Cove and East Prawle

I realized that I had intended to post these beautiful pictures quite a while back, and it appears that it's been a good long time since I posted anything at all. I don't miss the rainy weather, but I do miss the scenery. There are plans in the works to head back to the UK … Continue reading South West England: Hope Cove and East Prawle

4th of July – We still celebrate in the UK

Thanks to Danielle for the use of her backyard, and to everyone for coming and humoring me. I do appreciate the irony of celebrating 4th of July in the UK, but this is all I need to celebrate Independence Day - hot dogs, beer, good weather (mostly), and friends. I've also learned that hot dogs … Continue reading 4th of July – We still celebrate in the UK

Culture, History, Museums

Hello all, It appears that I have gotten a little behind! The past few weeks have been quite full, as you’ll figure out. When I last wrote, classes were about to start again, and we’ve covered all kinds of very practical things about taking care of objects in museums. We even visited an off-site museum … Continue reading Culture, History, Museums

2011, Year of the Rabbit Ringing in the Chinese New Year usually involves the smoky explosion of firecrackers, dining with family and friends, and wearing red for good luck. CS members in Vancouver pose with the God of Wealth at the Chinese New Year Parade - Photo courtesy of Jasmine Tan Even though it’s called Chinese New Year, the … Continue reading 2011, Year of the Rabbit

CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth! Hey CouchSurfers, have you ever considered running away with the circus? The Circus Open House is a one night event where you can have the opportunity to try your hand at circus skills like trapeze and juggling! Circus performers will be volunteering their time to teach you a little of what they do. You … Continue reading CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth!