Travel and Adventure Show 2014!

A few weekends ago I attended the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, which I have also attended a couple times in the past. For about the price of a movie its a full day of talks, demonstrations, freebies and ideas, and I've always found the day well worth it. This year was no exception. I … Continue reading Travel and Adventure Show 2014!


European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria

The last episode in the saga of my 'European Rail Adventures' led me to Salzburg, Austria, best known to some as the site of 'The Sound of Music'. Although not done intentionally, I did not make an effort to visit any Sound of Music sights, or sing any Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. The history of … Continue reading European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria

Rick Steves, Iran, and the Travel Expo!

On Sunday, January 30th I attended The Travel and Adventure Expo at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, which was exciting but not necessarily geared towards someone without a couple thousand dollars set away for their next vacation. My main motivation is going was to see one of my travel heroes, Rick Steves, as he … Continue reading Rick Steves, Iran, and the Travel Expo!