My 2012 In Review

After a long and thoughtful walk through Fullersburg Woods I have had a chance to reflect on all the events of this past year; and what better time to reflect than the present? I’m astounded at how much has happened in one year, and hope I can give an accurate summary of it all. January … Continue reading My 2012 In Review


Remembering kindness

Reorganizing some of my files, I came across an article I had written over a year and a half ago, attempting to sum up my study abroad experiences for a writing contest. Having written on the topic of the "kindness of strangers" on more than one occasion, I thought I would share this short, but … Continue reading Remembering kindness

Day 3: 3 Perfect Days in Verona

Day Three: On your last day in Verona you intend to soak up the sun as much as possible. After your now usual morning cappuccino, head towards the quietly beautiful Piazza San Zeno, only a brisk ten minute walk.  Turn the corner around Castelvecchio and take the steps to the sidewalk above street-level. Linger to … Continue reading Day 3: 3 Perfect Days in Verona

Excerpt Day 2: Three Perfect Days in Verona

Day Two: Your second day in Verona dawns rosy on ancient monuments. You are ready to tackle the day after getting your coffee fix at the Cappa Café, a cozy joint with a bohemian feel. With that jumpstart to your day, you head a few blocks north to Verona’s Duomo. The Romanesque exterior, and a … Continue reading Excerpt Day 2: Three Perfect Days in Verona

Excerpt: Day 1 of “3 Perfect Days in Verona”

Verona: A Gem off the Beaten Path Rachel Smith Verona is a pleasant mix of old Roman history and modern Italian culture, located about halfway between Milan and Venice.  It is a relaxing but vibrant alternative to more conventional destinations, and is easy to reach by train or plane. The historic city of Verona in … Continue reading Excerpt: Day 1 of “3 Perfect Days in Verona”

My First Printed Article: Italian Meetup Since March of this year, the Oak Brook Italian Language Group has met once a month at the Panera Bread by the Oak Brook Shopping Center to share in their common love of Italian. Attendance at these meetings has steadily grown, doubling from five to ten at their meeting just this past week. As … Continue reading My First Printed Article: Italian Meetup