Triton Troupers Circus 2015

This year counted as my 5-year anniversary with the Triton Troupers Circus. Granted, that year when I was in England I didn't get to participate, but I cheered them on from afar. This year I was happy to walk in the Elmhurst St. Patrick's Day parade to advertise for the circus, and to participate in … Continue reading Triton Troupers Circus 2015


Triton Troupers Circus 2013

It's been a rather long time since I've posted anything, oops! It's been a busy month, finishing my internship at the Kohl Children's Museum, performing in the 42nd Annual Triton Troupers Circus, and starting a new job as a 'Travel Consultant' a few days later. It seems I'm still catching up. As is normal after … Continue reading Triton Troupers Circus 2013