The Most Awesome CS Events

Rachel Smith might have not become so hooked on CouchSurfing if her first experience hadn’t been a really magnetic event.

“What catapulted me into the CS community was a Chicago museum day with travelers and other locals like me. That led me to becoming more involved, and finally to volunteering for CS.”

What are her favorite CS events to this day? Below, she lists her top 5, and tells us what was so awesome about each one of them.

My top 5 CS events (in no special order):

1. Cookie Party

The most creative and indulgent CS event I’ve ever been to was a holiday cookie party. At a CouchSurfer’s apartment, we made and shared Christmas cookies. I brought my own recipe — special apple spice! Later, we played some intense rounds of Wii bowling. What a night!

2. Circus Open House

Since circus arts are both a hobby and a part-time job, I decided to host an open house to teach these skills to CouchSurfers. My talented friends volunteered to help for an evening, and everyone had fun juggling, swinging on the trapeze, and hanging upside-down in the air. Lesson learned: CouchSurfers are willing to try anything!

CouchSurfer hangs upside down at Rachel’s Circus Open House
3. Museum Day and Picnic

The first event I ever attended was a Chicago museum trip. We visited the Museum of Science and Industry and had a picnic by the lake. The adventurous ones even went swimming, but a violent storm caught us by surprise and forced us to take shelter in a local bar where we waited out the storm over a few pitchers of beer.

Tea drinkers inside Special Edna

A great day in Chicago – Rachel Smith is the smiley girl in red.

4.  St Louis City Museum

Visiting the City Museum was part of the St Louis Couch Crash, but it was by far the best part of it. The museum is like a giant playground for grown-ups and kids alike, made out of reclaimed building materials from the city. The best way to get to know a group of CouchSurfers is to do an activity with them, and we had fun climbing through caves and airplanes and going down the stories-high slide.

5. Chicago Couch Crash

With all the creative minds in this city, the Chicago Couch Crash turned out quite spectacular. There were visits to the museum, comedy shows, a fire performance on the beach, an arena concert, a board game night for those who didn’t wish to party, and a huge bonfire barbecue for those who did. Chicago has more to offer than I imagined, and I grew up here!

Chicago Couch Crash 2010!

The CouchSurfing Chicago Couch Crash this weekend was amazing! Thanks to all the organizers and everyone who attended and made it so much fun. For those that don’t know, here is their definition of what a couch crash is:

**What is a CouchCrash?**
A DIY, citywide celebration created by the local CouchSurfing community for the purpose of showcasing all sorts of unique sights and sounds that a regular tourist might not discover on their own. If you’ve been curious about Chicago, this will be an excellent introduction. If you’ve been to Chicago before, consider this another opportunity to discover even more of the music, theater, food, architecture and people that make this a world-class destination!

CS Chicago welcomes you to CouchCrash 2010! Come late September set a course for the Windy City and join us for a Full Moon Fire Jam potluck, deep dish pizza, gourmet hot dogs, heavy metal burgers, hangover brunches, museum trips, dance parties, game nights, renegade tourism, mind-blowing theater and an epic backyard BBQ that will be a most fitting end to an already crazy summer!

I had 2 travellers stay for just one night, and they brought me along to a concert at the United Center; Roger Waters: The Wall. I admit I’m not half as familiar with Pink Floyd as they were, but I could still appreciate the music, and the elaborate stage production they put on.

After the concert, since we were already in the city, we went to the board game night which ended up being packed! I played an intense game of trivial pursuit that brought us to closing time at 2am. But since my surfers were now hungry we stopped at an all night diner, the Golden Nugget for some breakfast foods and laughed that they offered a “scoop of tuna” under side dishes.

On Saturday we slept in too long to make it in time for the afternoon bike ride around Chicago (or rather my surfers slept in too long), but we hit up a toy store and a thrift store (note the new corduroy jacket Anthony is wearing in the picture 🙂  ) before heading to Lorie’s bbq and bonfire party. They were giving away glowsticks to people that could show off a hidden talent, so Sean and I did a circus stunt for ours. Haha. We sometimes like to show off…

Game Night at El Cid on Kedzie

Full Moon Fire Jam

CS BBQ and bonfire party at Lorie's