Triton Troupers Circus 2014

The last few weeks and months of my life have been full of circus and glitter. And what a life! This has been my 4th year performing at the Triton Troupers Circus at Triton College, but some of my circus friends have been part of the troupe for 15 years or even more. So anyway, here … Continue reading Triton Troupers Circus 2014


Triton Troupers Circus 2013

It's been a rather long time since I've posted anything, oops! It's been a busy month, finishing my internship at the Kohl Children's Museum, performing in the 42nd Annual Triton Troupers Circus, and starting a new job as a 'Travel Consultant' a few days later. It seems I'm still catching up. As is normal after … Continue reading Triton Troupers Circus 2013

CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth! Hey CouchSurfers, have you ever considered running away with the circus? The Circus Open House is a one night event where you can have the opportunity to try your hand at circus skills like trapeze and juggling! Circus performers will be volunteering their time to teach you a little of what they do. You … Continue reading CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth!

The Most Awesome CS Events Rachel Smith might have not become so hooked on CouchSurfing if her first experience hadn't been a really magnetic event. "What catapulted me into the CS community was a Chicago museum day with travelers and other locals like me. That led me to becoming more involved, and finally to volunteering for CS." What are … Continue reading The Most Awesome CS Events