I disappeared for 3 months…

I know that I haven’t written a post since March. Perhaps I gave up on it a little? But so much has still been going on that I intended to write about. Here’s to good intentions.

At the end of March I performed in the Triton Troupers Circus, my first circus performance ever. Just a few days later I boarded a plane for a 2 week trip I had planned to Europe, which incidentally turned into a 3 week vacation! I went to the Netherlands for a week, and to Italy for a week, to visit my old friend and roommate Aline. I think I wanted to make sure I could still do all that travelling by myself.

GertJan, Noortje and I

Re-visiting Verona, my study abroad home for 4 months was unbelievably amazing. Aline and I stayed with our old land lady and her family and spent those days eating, drinking and reminiscing.

Anna, Enrico and I

On my way home something unexpected happened. A volcano erupted on Iceland, and suddenly what supposed to be a 2 hour layover in London became an 8 night stay! Making the best of a bad situation, I saw all of London and stayed with a Couchsurfer named William in the Notting Hill neighborhood. I made it back home to Chicago just in time for my 23rd birthday!

And for the past 2 months I’ve been busy at circus practice getting ready for my 2nd performance ever. Over the 4th of July weekend we performed at the Naperville Ribfest, and some of my friends and family were able to come see the show. Among other things, I’m also trying to keep up with couchsurfing, other volunteering, and soon making a decision about grad school in the fall. Life is full, just the way I like it!

Naperville Ribfest, me on the lyra

Sean and I before show.

Verona: Vinitaly, the wines of Italy

This April I will be attending Vinitaly, an international wine and spirits exhibtion in the beautiful city of Verona, Veneto region of Italy. What could be better?

Held in the Verona soccer stadium, the exhibits are divided up by the regions of Italy, with the Veneto and Tuscany boasting the largest exhibits. The wine show has been going on for 42 years, adding other spirits along the way, like the Italian liquor grappa (I was never fond of it, but you have to try it to see if you like  it).

Besides boasting some of the best wines in the world, Verona is an elegant and charming city, and a UNESCO world heritage site (see my previous article on “3 Perfect Days in Verona“). Hoping for warm weather, and expecting great wines.

Vinitaly - That's a lot of wine...

photo taken by Aline Wetzelaer

Currently Reading: Not That Kind of Girl

A New Jersey girl raised in the evangelical church grows up, goes off to college, then to NY, constantly struggling with her faith, ambition and desires. I identify with a lot of the things she says, and the desperate struggle for a coming-of-age.