Landed in Waco, Texas

Well, I've landed. I've landed in Waco and I hope I can stay in one place for a little while. In March I accepted a new position as Collections Assistant at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum, and moved from Richmond up to Waco. They haven't gotten rid of me  yet, in fact … Continue reading Landed in Waco, Texas


Welcome to Another Year of Crazy

I had intended to write this before the new year rolled in, but here it is mid-January and I'm finally getting around to it. Last year was weird. I mean, there were some great things and some not so great things, as usually happens. But last year was particularly weird, and I feel the need … Continue reading Welcome to Another Year of Crazy

Travel and Adventure Show 2014!

A few weekends ago I attended the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, which I have also attended a couple times in the past. For about the price of a movie its a full day of talks, demonstrations, freebies and ideas, and I've always found the day well worth it. This year was no exception. I … Continue reading Travel and Adventure Show 2014!

Buffalo NY and Niagara Falls

Yay! I finally got to travel again and visit someplace new! Not that I need to be travelling all the time, but it gives me something excellent to write about. And this trip was my "I just got laid off, and I need to do something" trip. Actually, the trip was thanks to some travel … Continue reading Buffalo NY and Niagara Falls

Verona: Vinitaly, the wines of Italy

This April I will be attending Vinitaly, an international wine and spirits exhibtion in the beautiful city of Verona, Veneto region of Italy. What could be better? Held in the Verona soccer stadium, the exhibits are divided up by the regions of Italy, with the Veneto and Tuscany boasting the largest exhibits. The wine show … Continue reading Verona: Vinitaly, the wines of Italy

CS Knowledge Exchange CS Knowledge Exchange Posted January 15th, 2010 - 4:27 pm by Rachel Smith Want to receive WWE articles in your mailbox? Head to the News Channels home page and change your subscription to instant! When you first created your CS profile, what did you put under Teach, Learn and Share? This information helps make … Continue reading CS Knowledge Exchange

Excerpt Day 2: Three Perfect Days in Verona

Day Two: Your second day in Verona dawns rosy on ancient monuments. You are ready to tackle the day after getting your coffee fix at the Cappa Café, a cozy joint with a bohemian feel. With that jumpstart to your day, you head a few blocks north to Verona’s Duomo. The Romanesque exterior, and a … Continue reading Excerpt Day 2: Three Perfect Days in Verona

Excerpt: Day 1 of “3 Perfect Days in Verona”

Verona: A Gem off the Beaten Path Rachel Smith Verona is a pleasant mix of old Roman history and modern Italian culture, located about halfway between Milan and Venice.  It is a relaxing but vibrant alternative to more conventional destinations, and is easy to reach by train or plane. The historic city of Verona in … Continue reading Excerpt: Day 1 of “3 Perfect Days in Verona”