I started this blog just a few months after my college graduation from the University of Illinois in 2009. By that time I had already learned that life after college was not going to be what I expected. To relieve the monotony of a minimum-wage job, I started writing. That was also about the time I started practicing in the circus, and planning my first solo trip abroad. I’m a self proclaimed life-long learner, and this blog has seen me through grad school, multiple jobs and internships, and several foreign countries. It’s become an occasional chronicle of my experiences and the things I learn along the way.

These days, I’ve moved from Illinois to Texas, finally working in a field that I love – history. Consequently, much of what I write about is history, travel, and interesting things or places that I come across. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences.


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  1. I randomly passed by and would like to know more about the course that you are attending? How do you think about it? 🙂 Because I am considering doing the same course next year and would like to listen to some experiences????


    • I have written a few entries about the course here, but I am certainly enjoying it. The people on this course come from about 20 different countries, the professors are excellent, and you can specify whether ‘art museum and gallery studies’, or ‘museum studies.


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