The Queen visits Leicester!

While a few weeks late in writing this, I thought it deserved its own post. Anyway, this is for people back home who want to know what I’m up to these days, or for people who are curious. Here are some pictures taken between myself and my flatmate when Queen Elizabeth visited Leicester in March, at the start of her Diamond Jubilee Tour celebrating 60 years reign. Of course Philip was there, and also Kate!

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A new month, a new update, and welcome to Spring Break!

I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but March has been one of the toughest months since I’ve been here. At the beginning of the month we were still in the early stages of group exhibition projects, summer internship placements were being decided, and the deadline for dissertation proposals was looming. I was thinking to myself that April could not come soon enough…

Group 'Faraday' and finished exhibition! Photo courtesy of Yoomin Ko

Six weeks ago we were split into groups with people we had never worked with before, given four unique objects, £150 budget, a project brief, and sent off to create an exhibition. Through a lot of agonizing team meetings, consultation with staff members, and a lot of DIY spirit, we came up with our exhibition ‘Reflections of Decoration’, that is now on display in the Museum Studies Department. In that time I’ve also managed to secure a summer internship placement at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, just recently reopened after a £24 million refurbishment. And yes, I submitted a dissertation proposal on the topic of museum disposal (throw stuff away! Uh, just kidding…), and have since had my first meeting with my dissertation supervisor.

Museum Society End of Lectures Party. Photo courtesy of Laura Gordon

To alleviate the stress there were fun times too. I was able to see the Queen (and Prince Philip, and Duchess Kate) start her Diamond Jubilee tour here in Leicester. I’ve never seen any US president, but now I have seen the Queen! I also made a visit to the famed Stonehenge, and nearby Salisbury Cathedral, where we viewed a page from the 1215 AD Magna Carta on display. There was also a daytrip to Liverpool, home to the Beatles, and to a multitude of museums of which we tried to see as many as possible. And unfortunately, through all of March I was sick multiple times, to the point where I cancelled a trip to Budapest, Hungary this weekend in order to recover from a suspected chest infection. Sad.

Regardless, I’m relieved that it is now SPRING BREAK, and I have the chance for some real rest and relaxation. Thanks to family and friends for their support thus far.

Six months down, six months to go…

Stonehenge is behind there somewhere...

Stonehenge Panorama

Liverpool Panorama, view from the Museum of Liverpool.