European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria

The last episode in the saga of my 'European Rail Adventures' led me to Salzburg, Austria, best known to some as the site of 'The Sound of Music'. Although not done intentionally, I did not make an effort to visit any Sound of Music sights, or sing any Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. The history of … Continue reading European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria


European Rail Adventures: Vienna, Austria

And... welcome to Vienna, the next stop on my journey! The train ride from Zurich to Vienna was about 8 hours long, but was also the most comfortable of journeys. Sitting in First class, with hardly anyone around me, I could get up and check out the window views on either side of the coach. … Continue reading European Rail Adventures: Vienna, Austria

Verona: Vinitaly, the wines of Italy

This April I will be attending Vinitaly, an international wine and spirits exhibtion in the beautiful city of Verona, Veneto region of Italy. What could be better? Held in the Verona soccer stadium, the exhibits are divided up by the regions of Italy, with the Veneto and Tuscany boasting the largest exhibits. The wine show … Continue reading Verona: Vinitaly, the wines of Italy