Travel and Adventure Show 2014!

A few weekends ago I attended the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, which I have also attended a couple times in the past. For about the price of a movie its a full day of talks, demonstrations, freebies and ideas, and I’ve always found the day well worth it.

This year was no exception. I had the chance to hear travel guru Rick Steves speak on his personal travel philosophy, with perhaps a little more irreverence than his PBS television shows allow him. But Rick Steves has been entering uncharted territory recently. Three years ago he presented on his latest book at the time, “Travel as a Political Act”, and now he is working on new television programs for Israel and Palestine. I can also mention that I got his autograph in my new ‘Croatia and Slovenia’ book – no trip planned yet, just an idea!

Rick Steves presenting to an attentive audience at the Travel show

Rick Steves presenting to an attentive audience

Signing autographs in a “hurry up, I want my lunch” kind of way 😉


My autographed travel guide – ideas for a future trip?

Always another highlight of the Travel and Adventure show is the cultural performances, which I use as a nice breather between the many other activities – just sit, watch and enjoy. Below are two pictures from the “Global Beats Stage”.


A Canadian folk band, with an adorably energetic fiddler.

A lovely Classical Indian dance number.

A lovely Classical Indian dance number.



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