CS Hike Bosworth Battlefield

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Did another hike a few weekends ago, with a few couchsurfers. The weather was a bit colder, but we took the bus from Leicester to a tiny town called Market Bosworth, about an hour by bus. From there we hiked through fields to reach the site of the battle of Bosworth, and the visitor center there, plus a falconry demonstration! We hiked back by a different way, along the canal, the old National Railway, and ended at the pub, of course. All in a day’s work. The pictures are courtesy of Aneta.

And here is a brief description about the battle, taken from the Bosworth website (http://www.bosworthbattlefield.com/battle.htm):

Bosworth is a site of national historic significance, being the location of one of the three most important battles fought on British soil. It is the site where the Battle of Bosworth took place in 1485, and infamous as the place where King Richard III lost his life and crown to Henry Tudor and thus where the Tudor dynasty was born. Shakespeare immortalised Richard III, a King betrayed, unhorsed, surrounded by his enemies and finally calling out “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.”

The Wars of The Roses consisted of a series of battles fought between 1454 and 1485 by two rival branches of the same royal family for the control of the English throne. A contemporary name for the conflict was ‘The Cousins’ War’.Although some members of the houses of York and Lancaster did have white and red roses on their heraldry, the term Wars of the Roses was not used untill much later.

Between 1454 and 1471 the houses of Lancaster and York fought thirteen battles with the Yorkist Edward IV winning the eventual victory. Richard III was Edward’s youngest brother and succeeded him to the throne in 1483. Fourteen years after the last battle of the Wars of the Roses, Richard III rode into battle once more, losing his life and his throne to Henry Tudor on the 22nd August 1485.


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