The World in Postcards

I have a hobby of collecting postcards. The way I see it is this: a postcard is the cheapest souvenir I can take with me, and when I can’t travel the next best thing is to receive a postcard from some faraway place (or not so far as the case may be). Now I’ve got postcards from many different cities and countries around the world. Some I bought myself, and some were sent to me by friends, acquaintances and even random strangers.

Yes, random strangers. Without explaining how I first discovered ‘Postcard Roulette’, I’ll at least explain briefly what it is. Essentially, once a month you agree to send your random ‘match’ a postcard, and you will receive a postcard in return. It doesn’t always work, as I’ve discovered, but wasn’t it just a lovely surprise when a postcard from Malaysia turned up at my doorstep?? I’ve heard of something very similar called ‘Post-crossing’, which I haven’t tried. But there you go. If you can not go to the world, let the world come to your mailbox.

'Postcard Roulette' all the way from Malaysia!

‘Postcard Roulette’ all the way from Malaysia!


My growing collection of postcards, three continents on one page.


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