Fort Sheridan and Openlands Lakeshore Preserve

This weekend was a welcome taste of warmer weather to come, and anyone who was wise took advantage of it! We did as well, by doing some hiking and exploring along Chicago's north shore. I've been to Fort Sheridan and the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve before, but it was significantly more pleasant this time around, with … Continue reading Fort Sheridan and Openlands Lakeshore Preserve

My Chicago Adventures: Pilsen

My second neighborhood to visit was Pilsen. Now, I'm not claiming that I've thoroughly explored these neighborhoods; not even close! I just like getting out on a Saturday, with a short list of things to see. I get the feeling there is a lot in Pilsen that I still haven't seen or don't know about. … Continue reading My Chicago Adventures: Pilsen

My Chicago Adventures: Edgewater/Andersonville

Since moving to Chicago I've started a few habits: there's the independent coffee shops on Fridays, visiting a different museum most weekends, and walking around new neighborhoods. And does Chicago have the neighborhoods! I usually plan out my walks to include some historic spots, and interesting places, and take pictures along the way. My first … Continue reading My Chicago Adventures: Edgewater/Andersonville

Open House Chicago 2013

October marked a second successful Open House Chicago event by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, where historic sites and businesses opened their doors to the public for one grand weekend. I mentioned it in a post last year, at their inaugural event ( My personal affinity to Tribune Tower led me to visit there again. Instead … Continue reading Open House Chicago 2013

European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria

The last episode in the saga of my 'European Rail Adventures' led me to Salzburg, Austria, best known to some as the site of 'The Sound of Music'. Although not done intentionally, I did not make an effort to visit any Sound of Music sights, or sing any Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. The history of … Continue reading European Rail Adventures: Salzburg, Austria

European Rail Adventures: Zurich, Switzerland

So the story behind this little adventure is that my summer job afforded me one last wonderful benefit before leaving me on the doorstep of unemployment: a free First class European Rail Pass. Who could pass that up?! As it turns out, a lot of people, because "there ain't no such thing as a free … Continue reading European Rail Adventures: Zurich, Switzerland

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: 22 mile hike

So, of course with the new year, there have to be new adventures! I decided that if I were to make any new years resolutions that they would have to be simple: if I can make 2013 even half as exciting as last year, I will have succeeded. And another thing! I have been here … Continue reading Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: 22 mile hike

The Queen visits Leicester!

While a few weeks late in writing this, I thought it deserved its own post. Anyway, this is for people back home who want to know what I'm up to these days, or for people who are curious. Here are some pictures taken between myself and my flatmate when Queen Elizabeth visited Leicester in March, … Continue reading The Queen visits Leicester!