Open House Chicago 2013

October marked a second successful Open House Chicago event by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, where historic sites and businesses opened their doors to the public for one grand weekend. I mentioned it in a post last year, at their inaugural event ( My personal affinity to Tribune Tower led me to visit there again. Instead … Continue reading Open House Chicago 2013

New Challenges and Opportunities

Now that I've returned home from my year in the UK, I'm faced with different kinds of challenges. For instance, paying off all those amazing weekend trips around the UK and Europe! Job hunting is never something one looks forward to doing. But I am grateful that I've found two temporary part-time positions that will … Continue reading New Challenges and Opportunities

Happy New Year from Leicester!

Hello All, After a surprise visit home and a week-long trip to Ireland, I have made it back safe and sound to Leicester, ready to start classes tomorrow. It’s been a fun few weeks, but will get very busy from here on! Just before the break I had gone on another hike in Leicestershire, but … Continue reading Happy New Year from Leicester!

More Chicago History: Clarke & Glessner Houses

Since I'm delving more and more into Chicago history these days, I thought I would comment on my most recent visit to two historic house museums in Chicago, the Clarke House, and Glessner House. I took a 2 hour tour, one hour for each house. The Clarke house is said to be the oldest remaining … Continue reading More Chicago History: Clarke & Glessner Houses

CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth! Hey CouchSurfers, have you ever considered running away with the circus? The Circus Open House is a one night event where you can have the opportunity to try your hand at circus skills like trapeze and juggling! Circus performers will be volunteering their time to teach you a little of what they do. You … Continue reading CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth!

The Most Awesome CS Events Rachel Smith might have not become so hooked on CouchSurfing if her first experience hadn't been a really magnetic event. "What catapulted me into the CS community was a Chicago museum day with travelers and other locals like me. That led me to becoming more involved, and finally to volunteering for CS." What are … Continue reading The Most Awesome CS Events

Chicago Couch Crash 2010!

The CouchSurfing Chicago Couch Crash this weekend was amazing! Thanks to all the organizers and everyone who attended and made it so much fun. For those that don't know, here is their definition of what a couch crash is: **What is a CouchCrash?** A DIY, citywide celebration created by the local CouchSurfing community for the … Continue reading Chicago Couch Crash 2010!