Shelter in place, and 6K for Water

Shelter in place

I know a lot of people have been adjusting to our new realities of shelter in place, and disruptions to our normal routines and schedules. It has taken me by surprise too. I’m not an extremely extroverted person, but if you know me, you know I like to be out and about. This period has been a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. I’ve been trying to keep a daily journal so I can look back on all this someday.

The museum closed to the public back on Saturday, March 14th. We were still going in to work until the shelter in place order took effect on Tuesday, March 24th. It had already been a week since the restaurants were closed down (we made sure to get some Torchy’s Tacos the night before – lol). I experienced Easter, and my birthday, while still in “quarantine”. We were stuck at home for 4 weeks until we were called back to work on Wednesday, April 22nd (the shelter in place went to April 30th). Now, things are starting to slowly open back up, even though many (including my parents) are still on “lockdown”. Church will not meet until June, and things still aren’t “normal”.

For a while, I was checking the news daily but quickly realized that wasn’t entirely helpful. What was helpful was time outside, getting to bed and waking up at my usual time, and keeping busy with work and projects around the house. But my marathon was canceled,  my running suffered, and some days I just felt crummy (including when I was actually sick and spent 2 days sleeping and thought maybe I had the virus – lol).

6K for Water

Long before all of this, I had been planning another 6K for Water with World Vision. It’s a run/walk that raises money to provide clean water to communities in the developing world. I’ve done it for several years now, and last year I did an event and had a team of 10 or so people show up! I imagined an even bigger event this year, but all that went out the window. I tried to generate interest, but we all had other things on our minds.

Well, the 6K is still happening (virtually), and I have a few thoughts about it. First of all, thanks to those who have donated or signed up, I appreciate you all. Whatever else is going on in the world, people will still benefit from your generosity. Whether you pay $50 to signup as a participant, or donate $5 to my fundraiser, you’re still helping.

Second, I was thinking about what this pandemic is like for other people. For those who live paycheck to paycheck or hand to mouth, this thing is a lot scarier. Sometimes it seems like I do live paycheck to paycheck – but even when I was unemployed for 7 months, I still had enough to make it, and people that would help if I didn’t.

Hey, if water doesn’t get you excited, donate to something that does because there are people that need it. I donated to a food pantry, made my usual Kiva loan, gave to my usual organizations and missionaries and church. And now until May 16th, if you donate to my 6K for Water fundraiser I’ll match it dollar for dollar up to $200. Thanks guys!

Stay safe and healthy!

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