Year in Review: 2019

Last year was still a year of travels, but at least I stayed in one place! I’ve been working at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas, going on 2 years now. There were a lot of fun things that happened at work – making exhibits, lots of research and writing, being on camera for several Waco City Cable Channel segments, dressing up in my “frontier” woman outfit (LOL), and even went back to the CRG in Mexia for an education program (who would have thought I would set foot there again).

59826131_10156920220040991_5531144044400345088_o (1)

Staff Favorites on the Facebook page – revolver taken from the hand of an outlaw as he lay dying!


“On set” during the filming of the “Night at the Ranger Museum” video, August 2019.

Work-related and not work-related, I traveled a few places, including San Antonio & Fredericksburg (with family, and for an education program at The Alamo), El Paso (for a museum conference), Austin, Port Aransas (Half Marathon on the beach!), New York, and of course Chicago. The new car I bought last February helped make some of those trips!


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, September 2019.

If you see my photos on Facebook, you’ll know that I really got into running last year. I started out small – I tell people that when I first moved to Texas, there was no gym in small-town Mexia, so I started running for exercise. I never liked running, but over time, I started to get better and actually enjoy it. My first official race in 2018 turned into a 25K (about 15 miles) and a half marathon last year, with plans for a marathon this year! And let me tell you, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I’ve already run more than 75 miles this month, and more to go. I’ve got 3 months left to go!


Half Marathon on the beach in Port Aransas, November 2019.



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