Castroville Texas and The San Antonio Mission Trail by bike

This has been an exciting couple of weeks! From friends visiting from Madison WI, and taking them to the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District, to a work trip down to Landmark Inn State Historic Site in Castroville TX, and extending my trip for a day in San Antonio, it’s been a lot of fun – and a lot of driving.

The Texas Frontier Family Day at Landmark Inn was an ideal opportunity to help out at a Texas Historical Commission (THC) event, before our big Civil War reenactment event at the Confederate Reunion Grounds in April. Landmark being the only site that also operates as a bed and breakfast, I got to stay at the inn for the event. Beautiful! There were living history reenactors, demonstrations like lace making and log cabin construction, live music, and a camp-cooked lunch for the volunteers.

I was able to extend my trip to include a day in San Antonio, and one of my fellow educators from the THC was kind enough to show me around. After a nice tour of Casa Navarro State Historic Site, I borrowed a bike and we visited the San Antonio Mission Trail via the San Antonio River. After that, I have to agree that there is no better way to see the missions than by bike!


Since I didn’t take photos along the river path while I was biking (because I was busy biking, obviously), this stock image of the river path will have to do. From where we started in downtown, all the way to the furthest mission, is 10 miles. So after a 20 mile bike-ride (there and back) I’d say I was pretty tired and sunburned.


Here are pictures of the missions:

After a long day of sun and bike-riding, it was almost too perfect that a street festival was going on in the downtown Market Square. So we enjoyed some street food, churros, agua fresca, and Tejano music, and watched some impromptu dancing in front of the stage. I can see more trips to San Antonio in my future…


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