Welcome to Exeter!

Hello everyone and greetings from Exeter! Last weekend I moved down to the South West of England, to start my two month work placement at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM). I’ve had the good fortune of amazing weather all week, my host is nice, and my work placement has gotten off to a slow but decent start. I managed to find a room to rent staying with a mother and daughter through CouchSurfing. Funnily enough, the daughter organized it while she was away studying abroad in Canada, and stayed a night with my parents while travelling around with her friends. Small world! The house is lovely, with a back garden and a sun room, and I’m a 20 minute walk from work.

The first week at RAMM I was mostly helping with packing and wrapping boxes of museum objects to be frozen (to get rid of pests) and moved to another facility. My supervisor organized a visit for us to Exeter’s underground passages as well, medieval tunnels that run underneath the shops on the High St. And today I was learning to use the collections database, and helping in the natural history department. And of course Friday night I was watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony on TV! If you didn’t get to watch it, the newspaper called it ‘quintessentially British’, and at work people thought it was ‘bonkers’. Anyway, week one went by fast and over the weekend I took the opportunity to explore the area.

On Saturday I took a bus down to the coast (not too far away) to see the ‘Jurassic Coast’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is truly beautiful! I hiked along the South West Coast Path, and enjoyed a Devon cream tea (lots of tea, two scones, Devon clotted cream and raspberry jam). And on Sunday my host took me to a nearby country house and gardens, Knightshayes Court, and we wandered around the estate, the lovely kitchen gardens, and had tea and cake before leaving. And then of course I watched as much of the Olympics as I could for the rest of the evening! I have a feeling that will be most of my evenings for the next two weeks. But all of that to say that my placement is going well and I’m enjoying this section of England.

Exeter’s historic Quayside overlooking the River Exe.

Exeter’s best-known landmark – the Norman and Gothic Cathedral.

Devon cream tea – delicious!!

The Jurassic Coast in Devon.

Walking along the South West Coast Path.






2 thoughts on “Welcome to Exeter!

  1. Glad it is working well for you! Have you had Trifle yet? If not ask about it. My sister in law is British and used to make it every so often when I would visit. I loved it! She didn’t seem impressed, maybe it is too simple to make? Don’t know why I just thought of it now…guess I am hungry! 🙂


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