Research visit to Oakham, Rutland County

So, I won’t divulge what my research visit was about until my dissertation is printed, but I quite enjoyed my few hours in the small town of Oakham. Its a ‘classic English market town’ according to the tourist brochure, and its been around for quite some time. I took a few pictures of the heritage places, and apparently Oakham is popular with foreign tourists too, who are attracted by the quaint town and the nearby Rutland Water Nature Reserve.


All Saint’s Church, mentioned in the Domesday Book


Butter Cross and Pump – dairy products were once sold here, near the market and Oakham School


Hudson’s Cottage – As the plaque suggests, the home of a very small man born in 1619. ‘For many years he was only 18 inches tall but eventually grew to 39 inches.’


Oakham Castle – the only part that’s left of a 12th century fortified manor house. All Saint’s Church in the background.


Inside All Saint’s Church.


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