Less study, more travel.

Hello and Happy Sunday,

I know at least one person has been wondering when I was going to update again. I’m 5 weeks away from Christmas break now, and I’ve just had a relaxing “reading week”. I ambitiously finished my essay a week in advance, so I’ve had this entire week to myself, and took a 3 day trip up to York (4 hours north). York is known for York Minster, the largest Gothic structure in England, as well as some pretty neat museums. The highlight of the trip was probably attending the evensong service in the cathedral at night, and hearing the boys choir.

York is definitely my favourite place so far, but I loved Canterbury Cathedral as well, especially having read ‘Canterbury Tales’. I managed to visit on a Sunday in time for the service, and so I was able to take communion. I felt like a modern day pilgrim walking up to the high altar and kneeling down to take the cup. November 5th was also pretty exciting, as all across England they celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605, with bonfires and fireworks.

As if by accident, or divine intervention, I also have no class this week. My special option course (World Arts/Museum Ethnography) does not meet until February, but I do plan prepare more for what’s ahead. In a few weeks I’ll need to give a 20 minute presentation on “How can museums and galleries manage their human resources to better cope with the challenges and opportunities posed by continuous change?” Very interesting subjects 🙂 I’m only telling you this so that you know I’m getting lots of work done and not just travelling about and having fun.

But it’s the fun things I like to talk about, and probably what you would prefer to hear about. So far I’ve visited Nottingham, Sheffield, Cambridge, Brighton, Canterbury, the White Cliffs of Dover (with a view over to France), York (with a brief stop in Leeds), I’ve taken a countryside hike with local couchsurfers, and on Saturday I’ll visit Bath for the day, and Edinburgh the following weekend. Grandpa, you should have no trouble finding all these places on the map. And lastly, thanks for reading.



One thought on “Less study, more travel.

  1. Glad you are getting to see the sites! Benjamin only had a month there and not much “free” time. He did get to Bath and Canterbury. Some of his sight-seeing was a part of the schedule. His blog while there was econoxford.wordpress.com. It’s still up. You can compare travels, sites and pics. Enjoy!


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