Keveen Sends Love

Now entering into November, it has been about a month now since my interview with Keveen Gabet, “the man who creates love carpets”. He sent me a little “thank you” package in the mail and I was reminded all over again about his mission to spread love across the globe.

"The goldfish will never understand."

Although Keveen told me he would send something, I had little idea what to expect. So this package comes in the mail, addressed to “Ms Rachel Smith”, and the back flap had a drawing of the Korakor symbol.

The thank you package arrives in the mail!

Inside the envelope was a three page handwritten letter, Keveen’s business card, a mix cd, and a few Korakor stickers, all tied up with string. I felt very grateful, for even the last thank you note I wrote took me 3 minutes to write. It seems gratitude can be summed up in more than 2 sentences.

Particularly, Keveen drew a picture of two people, himself running to give me a hug, and I think that sums him up fairly well. I’ll keep his words and thoughts in mind and maybe they will inspire me.

Running for a hug. I look pretty darn excited.

“…Couchsurfing has recently published an article about SPREAD YOUR LOVE (thank you Rachel Smith) and it has brought many more people to the spirit (click here to read the article)
…We spend a lot of time spreading love in the streets, but it is oftentimes anonymous or very spontaneous, so although people are touched, moved and pleased, they tend to forget to keep the website in mind or to look at our stuff. However, once you manage to print it on paper, post it on your Facebook wall, have a radio show or Tweet it, it creates a more efficient wave.
Consequently, I can only invite you to be the Rachel Smiths, the Lilo Riveras, the Devi Kernems, the Thomas Perkos and help us spread the word to others…
…From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”
-Korakor October 2010 newsletter


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