40th Annual Triton Troupers Circus

I realized that I forgot to post about the Triton Troupers Circus before it happened. Things got busy and before I knew it, it was all over. If you didn’t see it, you can at least feel like you did by looking at some pictures. Photos here are thanks to both Steve Hersee and Robert Sendra.

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Circus Stuff – Hanging by my ankle

So, I don’t want to ruin the big surprise, but I finally know what I’ll be performing in the circus (5 weeks away!). I’ll be doing ‘cloud swing’ in the short opening act, and the web rope act. I took a video of myself on the web tonight, tying my foot in for the first time. It was scary but also amazing, and I love the feeling of accomplishing something new! Ah, but it kills my ankle…


Just to reiterate, here are dates for the show: Circus flyer