CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth! Hey CouchSurfers, have you ever considered running away with the circus? The Circus Open House is a one night event where you can have the opportunity to try your hand at circus skills like trapeze and juggling! Circus performers will be volunteering their time to teach you a little of what they do. You … Continue reading CouchSurfing’s Greatest Show on Earth!


Rick Steves, Iran, and the Travel Expo!

On Sunday, January 30th I attended The Travel and Adventure Expo at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, which was exciting but not necessarily geared towards someone without a couple thousand dollars set away for their next vacation. My main motivation is going was to see one of my travel heroes, Rick Steves, as he … Continue reading Rick Steves, Iran, and the Travel Expo!

The Most Awesome CS Events Rachel Smith might have not become so hooked on CouchSurfing if her first experience hadn't been a really magnetic event. "What catapulted me into the CS community was a Chicago museum day with travelers and other locals like me. That led me to becoming more involved, and finally to volunteering for CS." What are … Continue reading The Most Awesome CS Events

Kindness to Strangers

Kindness to Strangers At the beginning of March it's still winter in Chicago, and I am dying for warmer temperatures and some glimpses of green. But Chicago is still bustling and full of life even in the midst of this cold, dreary weather.  From the safety of my warm living room, I posted on the … Continue reading Kindness to Strangers