New Painting Finished! Sunflowers in the Kitchen

Sunflowers in the Kitchen, 24" x 24"


Inspired Art Project 2009

Check out my artwork in the Inspired Art Project 2009.

Artists each donated an original work inspired by a Chicago student’s poem of their choosing.

I was inspired by the poem “Life”

Life is a process,
a process that has  an end.
It can end at any hour,
any minute,
any second
So, enjoy life while you have it.
Not many people can do that.
Don’t stay stuck at home.
Go places!
Please, open your eyes
to a reality beyond your street.
Challenge yourself!
Because the real world isn’t about chance.
It’s your life.
Take my advice.
I may be small but don’t let your life end for nothing.
Do something to bring joy and happiness.
Because that is success,
and in the future that’s my reality.
What will yours be?

– by Carla M. of Castellanos